XRAY Alu XRAY Shock Body For 308306 (2)


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29,00 TL

Machined hardcoated alu shock bodies for #308306 XRAY Alu Shock Absorber -Set. Set of 2. Each aluminum shock body is CNC-machined from exclusive Swiss 7075 T6 aluminum –ensuring maximum strength and rigidity – using the world’s most precise German long turn CNC machine.

Every piece is robot-inspected and measured to ensure maximum precision and tolerance; this is especially important with the inner diameter of the shock body to ensure that each one has an identical inner diameter to guarantee ultra-free shock piston movement. The shock bodies are then black hardcoated using XRAY’s own fully robotic colorcoating line with purpose-mixed color fluids, ensuring a very even layer of color coating is applied to each shock body. After the coating process, every shock body is manually checked with high-precision calipers to ensure that the inner diameter of each shock body is exactly within the very stringent tolerances.

  XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 5-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 008 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 009 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T2 009 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
  XRAY T3 EU Rubber-Spec Edition
  XRAY T3 US Foam-Spec Edition
  XRAY T3 2011 Specs
  XRAY T3 2012 Specs

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Tek Çekim 29,00 TL 0,00 TL 29,00 TL
2 15,08 TL 0,00 TL 30,16 TL
3 10,20 TL 0,00 TL 30,60 TL
6 5,27 TL 0,00 TL 31,61 TL
9 3,64 TL 0,00 TL 32,77 TL

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