Grafit Ön Kule 3.00mm Grafit v2

Grafit Ön Kule 3.00mm Grafit v2

856,70 TL 428,35 TL
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Marka XRAY
Ürün Kodu 302087
Stok 2
Sepete Ekle


CNC-machined front shock tower made from 3.0mm thick premium graphite material to guarantee maximum strength and long life. Low height allows the new shorter shocks to be mounted lower, thus lowering the CG even more and improving steering response. Specially machined for ultra-low weight without compromising strength. Fits XRAY T2, T3 cars.


The shock tower features optimized lower shock mounting positions for the new shorter shock absorbers, as well as relocated Quick Roll Center™ positions. The all-in-one shock tower is optimized for use with rubber or foam tires.


 XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 5-Cell Edition
 XRAY T2 008 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
 XRAY T2 008 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
 XRAY T2 009 EU Rubber-Spec 6-Cell Edition
 XRAY T2 009 US Foam-Spec 6-Cell Edition
 XRAY T3 EU Rubber-Spec Edition
 XRAY T3 US Foam-Spec Edition
 XRAY T3 2011 Specs

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