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Soldering station for precise electronic reworking. Designed and produced by a fellow racer. For JBC T245 handles and C245 tips.


We prepared for you a list of frequently asked questions. Please feel free to send all other related questions via author's contact form. Team-NCRC is authorized reseller for this product and can't provide technical assistance.

  • New: "JBC DC - Assembled Controller" (without modules) are now shipped directly from NCRC EU Warehouse. Non-EU orders may be ship from a different warehouse as before.
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What's changed in this version?

Soldering Iron Controller for JBC - v3.2

  • NEW:
    • Temperature compensation: The assembled controllers now have an internal temperature sensor for compensating ambient temperature.
    • Cutoff voltage: You can now select a cutoff voltage for the controller. Very useful when powering from LiPo batteries. Cutoff voltage selectable between 2*-6S LiPo (6.2V - 18.6V). [*Note: 2S only supported with Booster option]
    • Iron stand support: Hardware and software support added for detecting when the iron is in the stand. Requires additional DIY effort to work until we release a compatible stand.
      • Stand detection works via empty white 2-pin JST-XH connector in the assembled units. If you short these two pins (say, with a microswitch), the controller detects it and will enter the "standby" mode and lowers the temperature, which is selectable on the menu. The microswitch should mount in a way that closes (or opens) when the iron handle put on the stand. Electrical detection (like original JBC stations) is not supported (but theoretically possible with an external circuit).
    • Optional modules: Extra functionality for specific needs now possible with optional modules. Not everyone needs these, so we made it optional. If you order with a new controller, we'll install it before shipment. Modules are also user installable and comes mounted on back panels. You can install it via simply replacing the old back panel with your new module. All you need is a 2mm hex driver for back panel screws. Plug and play! Modules currently only offered for DC units.
    • Reinforced front panel: The handle socket and control knob also now attached mechanically to the front panel for extra durability.
    • Aluminum back panel: The back panel that carries the power input and switch is now machined from lightweight yet durable aluminum. Also available for older units; contact us for details.
    • Control loop: Re-tuned, now faster and more responsive.
    • Display: Screen drawing routines are optimized for faster screen refresh as possible.
    • Sleep mode: When in sleep mode, the controller now wakes up if the iron is plugged or unplugged. Same applies for stand detection.
    • Assembled units: Assembled units has newly designed PCBs optimized for production efficiency. Iron handle sockets are directly mounted on these, consequently the sockets are not interchangeable; hence the iron type. In other words; if you get an assembled JBC unit, converting it to a T12 is not possible; or vice versa.
    • DIY PCBs: We are still offering "DIY PCB"s and they support both T245 and T12. Read the details below.


General Specifications and Features

  • Works with
    • DC Model: 9-25V DC [Minimum input extends to 6V when using with Booster module] (RC power supplies, computer PSUs, 3-6S LiPo (2S possible with Booster option), car lighter receptable…)
    • AC/DC Model: 9-25V DC or 220V AC (Also should work with 110V AC but not tested.)
  • Fast but not furious: Heats up in as low as 3 seconds (if using DC 24V or AC). Can very precisely regulate its heating power.
  • Up to 200W heating power (@ DC 24V or AC)
  • Goes to sleep if left on (adjustable).
  • Power limit: You can lower the used heating power on menu on demand. This enables using very small DC bricks/batteries; heating takes longer but you can finish the job. For DC controllers.
  • Starting temperature: Selectable power-on temperature, selections available for leaded/lead-free solders and more. It can remember the last used temperature as well (default setting).
  • Sleep: Selectable intervals or can be disabled.
  • Protection: If provided input voltage is out of allowed range, it will warns you.


  • DC powered controllers: 110x55x50mm
  • AC/DC powered controllers: 110x185x50mm

Please select what you need:

  • Assembled Controllers: will only include a fully assembled controller. No power cable included. For JBC handle and tips, please refer to your local authorized JBC distributor. Power plug and cable information is located below.
  • Modules: contains the module itself mounted on a back plate, complete with DC socket and switch if purchased seperately. If it is purchased with a new DC controller, it comes preinstalled on your new unit.
  • DC to AC/DC conversion kit: consisting of AC/DC back panel and sockets, AC SMPS + laser cut acrylic mounting bed and aluminum case to fit everything inside. For using the conversion kit, you need to remove your front panel (and the electronics mounted to it) from your DC controller and put in the conversion kit. The case from the DC unit is remains unused and complete unit fits the new case.
  • DIY PCB: Includes one populated PCB, which you can use with T12 and JBC C245 tips. For DIY use only, DIY support will provided by designer.

Optional Modules (Only for DC models)

All modules fits right into your controller, takes no extra space. They are user installable with 2mm hex key (not included), easy and no soldering involved. If you purchase a module with a new unit, we install it for you before shipping.

  • Polarity protection module: Protects the unit from blunders. If you love using your controller with crocodile clips or variety of power supplies; it is highly recommended to get this. Internally fused for extra protection.
  • Booster module: This specially designed high power DC-DC converter extends the input voltage range from 9-25V to 6-25V. Enables using 2S LiPo batteries with your controller. Combined with the new cutoff voltage feature, it is a perfect portable solution. Also provides input polarity protection. Maximum input current is 20A and it is internally fused.

How to install modules if you purchased them seperately

DIY PCB info

Is our front panel design, control knob, DC socket or enclosure choice isn't fitting your requirements? The DIY PCB is the answer; use it as the "core" of your custom design. PCB is good but you don't like the GUI? Develop your own firmware, you don't even need to have an AVR programmer -- our firmware has a bootloader! Don't know programming too much? DIY PCB is also Arduino compatible; upload your "sketch". It's a cliche but sky is the limit (as soldering irons can go).

The T12/T245 switchability function is also now offered exclusively on DIY PCB's. Since sockets are different, switching between different type of tips was required the DIY effort and a new front panel anyway; nothing is changed on that aspect.

This option comes with one populated and tested PCB. You will also get our DIY manual delivered to your e-mail.
DIY PCB's does not have temperature sensor, stand detection feature and they are not compatible with optional modules. It is the same PCB that powered our previous-gen controllers.


  • Team-NCRC is authorized reseller for this product. All support requests should redirected to Hazar Karabay.
  • DC input socket: IEC 60130-10 Type B: Barrel plug with 6.0mm OD, 2.5mm ID. Click for compatible cable with clips, and also Click for lighter adapter for using it in your vehicle.
  • AC input socket: IEC 60320 C14: Also known as "computer cable", a very common cable. You need to provide your own cable with appropriate plug for your country.
  • JBC controllers will feature Hirose sockets which you can direcly plug in your original T245-A handle. Only C245 type tips supported. Especially C210 series are NOT supported.
  • While we are aiming for highest quality possible, this is a hand-assembled device and there may very minor cosmetic blemishes. It's actually pretty good but if you are expecting a certain fruit-named brand level quality, we are not there yet.
  • All controllers and DIY PCB's are electrically and functionally tested before shipping.
  • Tracking number is provided with every shipment. It takes 7-30 working days to arrive and that speed is directly related with postal service in *your* country. Some are fast, some are exceptionally slow.
  • We can offer UPS next day international shipping for this item. Ask for a quote, but unfortunately it can be more expensive than the item itself.
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  • If customs fees and charges are refused at the time of delivery, your order will be returned to us and after we receive the item you will receive a refund excluding shipment costs.
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