Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are you serve only Online or do you have physical Shop?
    • Both.
  • For communication which Language is preferred?
    • We can help all queries in Turkish and English, also for other languages, we can make best via google translator :)
  • What are Shipment Options?
    • We have various shipment options for different countries all options in our list are POST OFFICE services. Different regions of the world we offer different services and due to Fraud common at some counties, we may restrict shipment to those countries.
    • Turkey: Deliveries commonly ship via Registered Air Letter or Parcel post, usually it takes 5-6 Business Day to reach the recipient.
    • Europe: Deliveries up to 2kg we ship via Cyprus Post Registered Air  Letter or Parcel Post, usually, it reaches destinations around 10-12 days. Above 2kg we use EMS or EPG services of Cyprus Post and usually, it takes 7 days to reach to the destination.
    • Other Country shipments, we use Registered Turkish Post for shipment, shipment way route is Local Post ( > Istanbul International Hub( > SHIPPED COUNTRY INTERNATIONAL HUB(example for USA > Local Post Service > Delivery to Customer, usually, it takes 30 business day to reach customers at this countries. we are working on new courier options especially this type of country that we plan to announce soon.  
    • Some Country POST Services as Australian, New Zealand are not offering Tracking Services to Registered Airpost Services, Unfortunately for this countries delivery times is long and not traceable, we don't accept any loss or demand from this country shipments due to lack of tracking.
  • Which Currencies do you accept?
    • For Credit Card Payments or Cash Transfers, you can pay in TRY, USD or EUR
  • Do you have online Payment Accounts as Paypal or similar?
    • Due to the legal status of Paypal at the Turkish banking sector, Paypal stopped service in this area, whenever they start again we'll add this payment option to list.
  • Can you Ship Aerosol Paints, Flammable items or LIPO Batteries?
    • We CAN NOT SHIP any of those products except Cyprus and Turkey, DONT BUY THOSE ITEMS. WE CAN NOT AND WILL NOT SHIP and refund your credit card, any loss from this purchase will not be our responsibility.

For any other questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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